Welcome to our Referral Partner Program Page

Integral Choice helps both individuals and company's earn additional revenue  through our Highly Acclaimed Referral Partner Program. Our program is ideal for some of our Real Estate Leasing Agents, Data Center Owners, Services workers, and many others, because we pay some of the industry's highest commissions for those that choose to work with us, and provide referrals to our organization.

We handle all the customer contact, solution design, pricing, and proposal work to the customer, and you can continue to refer customers to us for a long time.  


We are focused on building referral relationships with organizations and individuals wanting a committed partnership in the telecommunications industry. As we are equally committed toward your success, we monitor and even limit the number of partners in any program within specific geographical areas to ensure ongoing achievement.

Many Referral Agents have chosen to work with us because they can be assured that the customer will be presented with the correct solution for their business, regardless of the vendor, because Integral Choice will present the best solution for that particular customer and the Referral Agent will continue to make a commission for the referral. How does an extra couple $1000 Dollars sound just for referring a commercial prospect to Integral Choice

Follow this 3 step Process for Guaranteed Success

Step 1

When you have contact with the customer and you know that they are in need of communications changes or they are moving to larger space or new office space, just let them know that you have a relationship with the most reputable company that provides the most beneficial alternative for their communications. Tell them that you would like to give their contact information Integral Choice and have a free consultant give them a call.

Step 2

Once your customer has agreed to allow you to give their contact information to Integral Choice, then you can pick up the phone and call your contact at our company which you will be given when you initiate a Referral Agreement with our company! We will then record you as the referring agent of record and take whatever information you have for us and begin to work with the prospect on your behalf

Step 3

As soon as we have the contact information, an Integral Choice Salesperson will begin to contact the prospect and work with them to configure the best solution for their business needs. We will analyze many different product offerings from our over 35 vendors we work with for the past 11 years. Once the proposal is made and accepted, you will receive your commission for the transaction and send us another referral.!!!
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